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Exotic Car Inspections
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We know what you are looking for.  A clean, well kept exotic car that has been well maintained, is in good condition and performs as it was designed.

We examine the body for dents, scratches and any report on all previous work we find.  We also examine the features and options of the vehicle as well as the engine, transmission, driveline, steering, suspension and braking system and what would a pre-purchase inspeciton be without a full test drive putting the vehicle through its paces?  We include that too!
Independently Owned
We are an Independent and Unbiased U.S Army Veteran Owned Family Operated Small Business in St Louis, Missouri
You can trust our inspection reports to be thorough and accurate not just because of our 20+ years of experience but also our independence from insurance companies and dealerships. We are here to serve our clients and not investors!